Professional Negligence Claims – Leeds, Bradford and the UK

We often call upon the assistance of people who are classed as professionals. Professional negligence claims are made when one of these professionals has been negligent in the work they have done for you and it has cost you money.

These can include accountants, solicitors and barristers, independent financial advisors, insurance brokers, valuers, architects and surveyors, engineers and medical professionals.

Often we rely on these professionals, whether it’s putting our trust in an accountant to do our books or help with taxes, a surveyor to check our proposed new home or even solicitors to provide legal services and advice. Our trust is placed with them as we believe they have an understanding and ability in their area of practice as well as qualifications.

In return for this trust we expect a ‘duty of care’, a legal guarantee of the quality of service we expect from a professional. If the level of service falls below what would be reasonably expected then the likelihood is that a professional has breached their duty of care to you and has been ‘professionally negligent’.

Most of the time things run smoothly and in the event of a mistake being made (professionals are human after all) the client may well have a professional negligence claim for any loss they may have suffered as a result of this professional negligence. Professionals carry insurance to cover them against the losses caused to their clients in these circumstances.

Professional Negligence Specialists

We specialise in professional negligence claims, dealing with claims for and against professionals. We work with clients from across the Leeds and Bradford areas who are looking for an experienced legal firm they can trust.

If you are experiencing a problem with a professional, we will be happy to discuss the issue with you and assess the validity of the claim, we have dealt with the full spectrum of professional negligence claims.

Depending on the circumstances we sometimes act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, however this is only possible after an initial assessment of the case, for which there is a fixed fee which we will discuss with you. After we have assessed the potential value of any claim, we guide you through the process representing you all the way to recover the compensation you are due.

Often these professional negligence claims are long and complex and it is essential that you have specialist legal advice – Hallam Solicitors are experienced and have a focus on you the client.

Why not give us a call on 0113 228 5306 or contact [email protected] to begin your negligence claim. You have nothing to lose.

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