Hallam Solicitors Copyright Statement

Hallam Solicitors takes copyright law very seriously and therefore asks that you take a few minutes to read through the copyright statement below. Our copyright statement will provide details of our copyright and permissions for using our content. By continuing to use the Hallam Solicitors website, we will assume that you have read, understood and agreed to our copyright policy.

Ownership of copyright

Hallam Solicitors is the sole owner and copyright holder of http://hallamsolicitors.co.uk/ and all of its contents. This includes but is not limited to written content, images, videos, audio material and website coding.

Under no circumstances must you use the Hallam Solicitors website or any of its copyright content for commercial purposes. Doing so will be seen as a breach of our copyright and we will have grounds to commence legal action. Please see the section on ‘Taking Legal Action’ for further information.

Using our content

Whilst we do not allow users to use the Hallam Solicitors website for commercial purposes, we do provide permission for personal use. Users are permitted to view our website and its contents on their computer and mobile devices. We also permit users to save a single copy to their website browser cache and print off a single copy, as long as it’s for personal and non-commercial use.

We are more than happy for you to share our website and its contents for the purpose of recommendation. However, please make sure that you mark Hallam Solicitors as the original source of the website and content by providing a hyperlink to our homepage.

You may use our website for these purposes only. If you are found to have adapted, edited, changed, modified, published or distributed content from the Hallam Solicitors website, you will be held in breach of copyright.

Seeking written permission for content use

If you require the use of Hallam Solicitors and its copyright content for purposes other than those outlined in the section ‘using our content,’ then you will need to seek written permission from our head office.

In order to do this we ask that you write to:

Hallam Solicitors

Lower Ground Floor,

21 Otley Road,



West Yorkshire


Please give details of how you wish to use our content.




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