Privacy Policy (Fair Processing Notice),


The way we look after your personal information (data) is changing.

It is an important part of our business that we are able lawfully to collect and manage data.

We are required by legislation to take steps to protect such data as we receive and only use it for the purposes for which it was provided. We act as what is known as a “Data Controller” in respect of the information gathered and processed by us.

We are also required to be transparent in our dealings with your data.

This privacy notice describes the ways in which we collect, manage, process, store and share information about you as a result of you being our client, employee, other third party or visiting our website. It also provides you with information about how you can have control over the use of your data.

The Information We Collect About You?

We will collect the data (which is essentially personal data) by methods such as formal questionnaires, identification paperwork, face to face discussions or automatically by your use of emails and accessing our website. The sort of data we collect is:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Telephone and email contact numbers
  • Business Company addresses and contact details
  • Financial/banking details
  • National insurance numbers
  • Job titles/professions
  • Data specific to the particular transaction with which we are dealing for you

Why do we require this information?

We require this information:

  • to be able to handle the matter for which we have been instructed and so that we can administer our relationship with you;
  • provide services and respond to enquiries;
  • process applications for employment/HR matters;
  • ensure proper accounting of your records and the billing of any procured services and obtain payment;
  • process and respond to any complaints;
  • enable us to meet legal and other regulatory obligations imposed on us;

We may also sometimes process sensitive classes of information that includes:

  • Physical or mental health details, and
  • Racial or ethnic origin.

We will seek your permission if we need to record any of your sensitive personal data on our systems.

Please also be advised that when you visit our website, cookies will be used to collect information about you such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address which connects your computer or mobile device to the Internet, and information about your visit such as the pages you viewed or searched for, pages response times, download errors etc.

This is so that we can measure our website’s performance and make improvements in the future. Cookies are also used to enhance our website’s functionality and personalisation, which includes sharing data with third party organisations. You can control this by adjusting your cookies settings.

The bases of our use the Information?

As we have said above, we are only entitled to collect and use the the data we receive if we have a legal basis for so doing.

This privacy notice forms part of our contract with you and the fact we have a contractwith you gives us a legalbasis for collecting and using the data. Often this may include any action we might take before the contract is formalised

We are also entitled to collect and use the data because we have certain legal obligationswhich we are required to fulfil, and which require your data.

Further we are entitled to collect and process data if it is in your legitimate interest unless there is a good reason to protect the data which overrides that legitimate interest.

There may also be times when we wish to use the data we have collected for reasons other than the above. If so we will advise you of what it is intended to use the data for and seek your specific consentfor such use.

Who do we share the data with?

We will only share the data in accordance with the data protection law and for the purpose for which the data has been provided by you.

This will include

  • necessary returns to the HMRC and other Government departments in compliance with any legal or contractual obligation to do so
  • Accountants and bookkeeping services to enable us to comply with our contractual, statutory, and regulatory duties
  • Third party professionals, bodies and organisations in the course of a particular transaction or matter with which we are dealing again in order to fulfil a legal or contractual obligation

Your Rights

Under the terms of data protection legislation, you have the following rights as a result of using this website:

  • Right to Be Informed

This privacy notice fulfils our obligation to tell you about the ways in which we use your information as a result of you using this website.

  • Right to Access

You have the right to ask us for a copy of any personal data that we hold about you. This is known as a “Subject Access Request”. Except in exceptional circumstances (which we would discuss and agree with you in advance), you can obtain this information at no cost. We will send you a copy of the information within 30 days of your request.

To make Subject Access Request, please write to Frank Hallam at Hallam Solicitors, 21 Otley Road, Leeds, LS6 3AA or email [email protected]

  • Right to Rectification

If any of the information that we hold about you is inaccurate, you can request that it be corrected.

If this is the case, please write to Frank Hallam at Hallam Solicitors, 21 Otley Road, Leeds, LS6 3AA or email [email protected]

  • Right to be Forgotten

From 25 May 2018, you can ask that, subject to any continuing legal obligations, we erase all personal information that we hold about you. Where it is appropriate that we comply, your request will be fully actioned within 30 days. For further information, please write to Frank Hallam at Hallam Solicitors, 21 Otley Road, Leeds, LS6 3AA or email [email protected]

  • -Right to object

You have the right to object to:

  • The continued use of your data for any purpose for which consent is identified as the lawful basis for processing i.e. you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
  • The continued use of your data for any purpose for which the lawful basis of processing is that it has been deemed legitimate.
    • Right to restrict processing

If you wish us to restrict the use of your data because (i) you think it is inaccurate but this will take time to validate, (ii) you believe our data processing is unlawful but you do not want your data erased, (iii) you want us to retain your data in order to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim, or (iv) you wish to object to the processing of your data, but we have yet to determine whether this is appropriate please write to Frank Hallam at Hallam Solicitors, 21 Otley Road, Leeds, LS6 3AA or email [email protected]

  • Right to Data Portability

If you would like to move, copy or transfer the electronic personal data that we hold about you to another organisation, please write to Frank Hallam at Hallam Solicitors, 21 Otley Road, Leeds, LS6 3AA or email [email protected]

  • Rights Related to Automated Decision-Making

We do not deal in the processing of data which involves any automated decision making.

How Long Will We Retain Information For?

We normally retain information in storage (either electronic or physical) for a period of six years after the completion of a case. In some cases, Wills for example, files may be stored indefinitely.

This is due to regulatory reasons and to ensure our business records are adequate to maintain the requisite levels of insurance to protect our clients and non-clients. After the 6 years has expired the records both electronic and physical will be permanently destroyed.

Overseas Storage

None of the information that we collect process or store as a result of this website is transferred outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). This includes information that is exchanged with any third party organisation as described above.


If you have any questions and comments regarding this Privacy Notice or the use of your data please write to Frank Hallam at Hallam Solicitors, 21 Otley Road, Leeds, LS6 3AA or email [email protected]

You also have the right if you are dissatisfied with our collection or processing of your data, and which we are not able to resolve between ourselves to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office who may be contacted at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow SK9 5AF or





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