Dispute Resolution – Leeds, Bradford and the UK

Are you involved in a dispute, perhaps at work, with a neighbour or other individual, or in relation to a service you have received? Are you wondering where to turn? Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors help clients resolve a wide range of disputes, so you can rely on us to support you and fight to defend your best interests.

We will work tirelessly on your behalf in order to resolve any disagreements and conflicts you may be experiencing. Working in partnership with you, we will always explore every avenue before advising on the best strategy to prevent further financial or reputational damage to you.

Our experience (representing either claimant or defendant) includes:

  • Disputes between land owners over the boundaries/extent of ownership/trespass
  • Between couples over their shares in property they jointly own
  • Contract disputes for building work (domestic and commercial)
  • Sale of goods and services/consumer problems
  • Claims over the estates of deceased persons
  • Business disputes
  • Rejection by insurers of claims under insurance policies

How You Can Resolve Your Dispute

If you are involved in a dispute, your priority is to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible, with the best outcome for you. These days most cases do not see the inside of a court and litigation is seen as the last resort.

Where possible, we will help you attempt to resolve the dispute without the cost and the stress of going to court. Alternative routes to resolution:

  • Negotiation is an informal method by which people settle differences. It is a process by which compromise or agreement is reached while avoiding argument and dispute
  • Mediation is a little more formal; it is very successful and cost effective with most disputes resolved at mediation meetings.
  • To help resolve disputes adjudication can avoid long and costly court cases.
  • Arbitration is a private method of settling disputes without proceedings in court.
    Sometimes court cannot be avoided and in these circumstances we will fight fearlessly to protect your best interests and ensure the dispute is resolved to your satisfaction.

Working With Us

The secret to winning successful outcomes is to know what processes are the most appropriate for each case, and our Leeds-based professionals have experience in dealing with a wide variety of disputes over many years, from small claims to multi-million pound, multi-party actions.

By devoting the same care to all dispute matters, we take you to the light at the end of the tunnel as quickly and conveniently as possible, increasing the likelihood that your dispute is resolved in your favour.

Providing legal support for each client, we deliver helpful advice to achieve best results. We will ensure you receive the care and attention you need. At the outset, we will seek to give you great value and keep costs to a minimum. We will also explore alternative methods of funding which may be available to you and be on hand to provide support throughout the resolution process.

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