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Accidents and injuries are inevitable. The term ‘personal injury’ covers a broad range, from whiplash sustained in a car accident to a broken wrist from a fall caused by tripping on an unsafe pavement.

If you have been involved in any accident during the last three years and the injury was as a result of someone else you may have a strong claim for compensation.

Typical cases are:

  • Road Traffic Accidents –  these can have affected drivers, passengers and pedestrians
  • Accidents in the workplace – these include in factories, shops, offices or when you are out on business
  • Slips and trips – either in the street or at businesses
  • Accidents at buildings owned by others

Personal Injury claims can seem complicated and time consuming, but you don’t deserve to be out of pocket, and with the right advice and the help of a specialist solicitor, you can claim the compensation you deserve quickly and easy.

Why Bother?

After an injury many people have to take time off work and a personal injury claim can ensure that you have the time you need to fully recover. Other people may benefit from your claim and it might prevent the same thing happening to anyone else, alerting authorities of potential danger.

The amount of compensation awarded in personal injury claims varies subject to factors including recovery time, the extent of the injury and money lost as a result of it.

Making a Personal Injury Claim

When it comes to personal injury claims, our process is simple and straightforward.

We offer:

  • A no obligation, initial interview where you can discuss your potential claim
  • ‘No win no fee’ usually
  • Practical advice on a personal basis with an experienced and friendly personal injury solicitor

As personal injury solicitors in Leeds, with an open and honest approach to legal matters, we will make you aware of the strength of your claim, following an unbiased, objective assessment of the facts, and our guidance will make the whole process much easier.

Based in Leeds, our personal injury solicitors work with clients from across the Leeds and Bradford areas, as well as the UK, so if you are looking for a legal firm whose expertise you can trust, look no further.
Why not give us a call on 0113 228 5306 or contact [email protected] to begin your personal injury claim. You have nothing to lose.

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